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Functional Medicine


Functional medicine shifts the focus of medical practice from a disease-centered approach to a patient-centered focus. To achieve a more complete diagnostic picture, the functional medicine physician carefully listens to each patient. They analyze medical histories, environmental, genetic, and lifestyle components. The physician then works towards treating and preventing complex, chronic disease through an individualized treatment plan.


Conditions Treated


As part of our integrative, functional medicine approach, we assess each patient’s unique genetic, metabolic makeup, environmental exposures to toxins and heavy metals, ability to detoxify, immune system status, structural abnormalities, gut health, inflammation, overall lifestyle, sleep quality, exercise, self-care, and any possible historical triggering events.


We diagnose and manage acute and chronic diseases such as:

• Adrenal Fatigue

• Anti-Aging

• Anxiety

• Autoimmune Disease

• Babesia

• Bartonella

• Candida

• Chronic Fatigue

• Depression

• Epstein-Barr Virus

• Food Allergies And Sensitivities

• Fungal Infection

• Gastrointestinal Dysfunction

• Heavy Metal Toxicity

• Hormone Imbalances

• Inflammatory Conditions

• Leaky Gut

• Low Libido

• Lyme Disease and Co-infections


• Mineral Deficiencies

• Mold Toxicity

• MTHFR Gene Mutation

• Neuroborreliosis

• Neurological And Cognitive Issues

• Parasites

• Preventative Care

• Thyroid Disorders

• Vitamin Deficiencies

• Yeast Infection

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