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Your First Appointment


To assist us in providing you with an in-depth, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan, please follow these steps:


Step 1

Read the New Patient Package:






Step 2

Download and complete the New Patient Forms:






Step 3

Complete the following (typed):

 • List of symptoms, questions, and concerns

 • One-page medical history



Step 4

Bring all completed forms and documents (Steps 2 and 3) as well as your most recent lab work (including Lyme testing) with you to your appointment.



Cancellation Policy


Please note if you wish to cancel an appointment we require a minimum notice of 48 hours to avoid a fee of $175.


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Individual Forms


• New Patient Package


• New Patient Forms


• Primary Medical Questionnaire


• Health Information Release


• Lyme Disease Symptoms Checklist


• Consent for Treatment of Lyme Disease


• IV Treatment Consent Form




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