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Investigator, Study to evaluate safety and efficacy of human EGF ophthalmic solution and fibronectin in patients undergoing epikeratophakia



Kaufman HE, Steinemann TL, Lehman E, Thompson HW, Varnell ED. Collagen Based Drug Delivery and Artificial Tears. Jour Ocular Pharm



Lehman E, Kaufman HE. Corneal Topography and its Relationship to Refractive Surgery. Proceedings XIII Congress of the Asia-Pacific Acad of Ophthal, Kyoto



Lehman E, Varnell E, Varnell R, Kaufman HE. In-vivo Comparison of Collagen-Lipid Micromatrix and 1% Methylcellulose for the Treatment of Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca in the Human Eye. ARVO



Jampol LM, Orlin C, Cohen S, Lehman E, Zanetti C, Goldberg MF. Hyperbaric and Transcorneal Delivery of Oxygen to the Rabbit and Monkey Anterior Segment. Arch Ophth



Jampol LM, Orlin C, Cohen S, Lehman E, Zanetti C, Goldberg MF. Transcorneal and Hyperbaric Delivery of Oxygen to the Rabbit and Monkey Eye. ARVO



Lehman E, John T. Unilateral Corynebacterium JK (Johnson-Kay Strain) Corneal Ulceration with Bilateral Fungal Ulcers. Microbiology and Immunology Conference, Am Academy of Ophthalmology



Lehman E, John T. Acinetobacter Lwoffi Corneal Ulcers: New Corneal Findings. American Academy of Ophthalmology




McDonald MB, Byrd TJ, Lehman E, Rich L, Frantz J, Varnell R, Klyce SD. Excimer Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) for the Correction of Low to Moderate Myopia in Sighted Eyes. American Academy of Ophthalmology



McDonald MB, Leach D, Lehman E, Varnell R, Byrd T, Amayem A, Kaufman H. Excimer PRK for Myopia: The Relationship Between Age and Outcome. International Society of Refractive Keratoplasty



Byrd TJ, Jacob-LaBarre J, Assouline M, McDonald MB, Lehman E. Scleral Reinforcement Surgery for High Myopia Clinical Results and Biocompatibility of 16 Polymeric Material Tested in Rabbits. ARVO



Leach DH, McDonald MB, Byrd TJ, Liu JC, Steinemann TL, Lehman E. Corneal Epithelial Iron Deposition After Excimer Laser Ablation. ARVO



Tripathi RC, Tripathi BJ, Par JK, Quaranta L, Steinsapir KD, Lehman E, Ernest JT. Intracameral Tissue Plasminogen Activator for Resolution of Fibrin Clots After Glaucoma Filtering Procedures. Am Jour Ophth



Steinsapir KD, Lehman E, Ernest TJ, Tripathi RC, Systemic Neurocristopathy Associated with Rieger's Syndrome. Am Jour Ophth





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