Functional Medicine Testing


To gain a fully integrated picture for each patient, we analyze full body testing of thyroid, gastroenterology, adrenals, metabolism, Lyme disease and co-infections, MTHF genetic abnormality, co-infections, chronic viral infection, mold, MARCoNS, heavy metals, food sensitivities, minerals, vitamins, fungal infections, and organ health. We utilize the following labs: Advanced Laboratory Services, ALCAT, CD57, Doctors Data, Genova, Great Plains, IGeneX, MDL, Meridian Valley, Serologic Testing, Spectracell, Neuroscience, Parasitology Center Institute, Real Time Lab, Galaxy Diagnostics, and others.



Supplement Regimens


Supplement regimens consisting of neuro-protectors, vitamins, minerals, metabolic balancers, adrenal or thyroid support, or anti-inflammatory may be advised according to results of full-body testing and a clinical diagnosis.



Blood Draws


If lab work is required, patients can have this done at our office after their appointments or at any local blood draw center.



IV Services


We provide administration of IV medications and supplements at our office. For a complete list of IV services, click here.



Antibiotic Injections


If determined beneficial by a patient's individualized protocol, antibiotic injections can be administered at our office.





Full payment for all fees are due at the time of each appointment (either phone calls, in person, or at IV services). We accept most major credit cards. We do not bill insurance. We do not accept Medicare and are not Medicare providers.



Phone Consultations


Phone consultations are available to long-distance patients out of state or overseas. An office visit may be required during diagnosis and treatment. Fees are billed per length of the call.


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